As with every story writyen with dust upon the air, I have come to understand why I have experienced the following during the past 40+ years of aimless wandering throughout the Earth: the suffering for the longing of a family I that existed in a state of phantasmagoria. The abrupt severance from friends, love interests and anything that infused even the most vaporous form of solace, belonging and extaordinarity to an otherwise ordinary life. Thus, I began to create worlds of fantasy in order to assuage an imperious thirst for love in the solitary and abstruse corners of my imagination. I felt protected, validated and understood in there; I felt supported and encouraged to fulfill whatever dreams I could ideate for and by myself, realizing that the realm of abstracta was the only possible world for me, for I was never truly meant for anything particularly memorable in that of concreta, but to simply be content with being a sort of boulevardier in a world where matter is the only thing that seems to matter. It wasn’t for me to participate, to be a protagonist. It wasn’t for me to be one of them, they who hold the metaphysical answers to any inquietudes formulated in the most baroque departments of the brain.  It was not for me to be an instrument, a willing agent for the healing of the world I so predicated and strived to embody. No responsibility was ever bestowed upon me, no banner was entrusted for me to hold as a beacon of hope for others. No ineffable, inexorable answers or secrets confided or imparted. There was no need for me to change the world as I was born to be merely an anecdote, a visual recorder of the comings and goings of the human race, nature, on a temporality of life as a simple passerby. Then, fiat lux, the light from a lighthouse, beaming fulgorously from a distance in the midst of the night. That light escorted me back to the beginning, the transtemporal moment when all that is began to exist, as the Ancient of Days relieved me of my futility and presented me with a set of heavy parchments, ancient scrolls that concealed all the knowledge physicality can contain. I was entrusted with the words that unlocked the slavery of the entire human race. It was then my eyes were opened, and thus I came to understand that eventhough my I wandering had led me far, it had not been so far from the light that I should be completely lost in perpetuity. Yea, I see my brothers, my sisters, my fathers and my mothers, I shall go to them and bid them take their place among the living at the supper table of the Lamb, in the kingdom of God forever.